It is always good to have a building company working on your new project, but you need to make sure that the building company is not just any building company, but the best one there is. Therefore, you just can't hire the first one that comes to your mind; there are some things you ought to consider before you hire one. And because we believe that these are the things every person ought to know, we have decided to give you a list of things you need to consider before making sure that you've chosen a good building company.


Reputation is an extremely important thing in business, and before you hire a building company (or any other company for that matter), you ought to check the company's reputation. This will help you see if the company in question is dependable and reliable, which is really important. Make sure you ask around with people who know about builders in Essex, or check online about the companies you are considering. Also, check with these people, as well as online, if you could get a recommendation of a good building company. Also, you can always talk to the company you're thinking of hiring directly, and if this company is unable to connect you with some of their previous and satisfied customers, than maybe it's time to start reconsidering them, and considering another company.

Price Tag

Price tag is something that needs to be considered, but you should never choose a building company solely on this. If you chose a building company only because they were the cheapest ones out there, you won't get any good work in return. So, keep in mind that the budget is important, but is not the most important thing, and that is why you ought to try and get a company for a reasonable price, and if possible, within the rage of your budget.


We've already told you what's not the most important thing to consider, and now we are going to tell you what is the most important thing to consider when choosing a building company – credentials! Credentials allow you to determine is the company in question is worth your time, money, and effort. Also, the company ought to have all the necessary licences, permits and all other types of paperwork that should indicate to you that it is a serious company that takes the job very seriously, and does it extremely efficiently. So, check all these credentials in detail, and only when you make sure that everything's all right, should you hire them.


You need a company that knows what it's doing, and that is why experience is an important thing to consider before you hire a building company. Make sure you ask around about the company, and even ask the company employees about the levels of their experience and if they've received any recognitions for their work. However, this does not mean that the new companies are bad, but even these new companies ought to have well-experienced workers in order for the work to go on smoothly.

If you are moving, or just wishing to get rid of some stuff from your home or business offices, you might consider calling a removal company to do it for you. They'll do the job in twice the time you would yourself, and would do it more professionally and for a low price. However, in order get all of that, you need to hire a good removal company, and finding such in Essex could be a bit difficult, because Essex is a big place. That is why we have decided to should you how to find such a company without much trouble, and with great results.

Ask Around

The first thing you could do is ask around a bit, and especially with the people you know have hired a removal company in the past. Removals in Essex are really common, so you probably won't have much difficulty in finding such a person. Ask them if they were satisfied with the work the removal company has done, and if they were, you need to look no further and give them a call immediately. However, the person might not have been satisfied with their work, or he may have lost their number, or has perhaps forgotten the name of the company. What then? Well, then it's time for the phase two.

The Yellow Pages

The Yellow pages are a great place for finding any kind of business, and the removal business is no exception. Just look at all the companies offering their services, and make a shortlist of the ones you believe look the best to you. Give them a call, sort everything out, and then you can hire the one you believe is the best and has offered the best terms to you. However, this could be a bit tricky, because you don't have any feedback from their previous customers, nor do you know about how good they are at their job. That is why you really ought to try out the next advice, because it is the one that makes the most sense in these modern times.

Online Search

Internet is the place we turn to whenever we can't remember something, or when we wish to find something. Well, finding a good removal company in Romford, Essex is no different, and you can achieve that on the internet as well. First, look for a website that lists all the removal companies in Essex, and when you find it, click on it. Then, you'll get a list of all of them, and what you ought to do is list them according to their rates. That way, you'll see which of them is the best, because those rates were given by the companies' previous customers. The better the rates, the higher the opinion the customers have on them. Give a call to the couple of the highest rated removal companies, and see which of them offers the best terms. You already know they're good at their jobs, and now all that's left is seeing if they're available.

Do you want to transfer a home because you lack an additional bedroom? Well, the most practical solution that you should do is not to transfer to a new place but convert your loft into a functional space such as an additional bedroom. This process is a home upgrade which saves you the effort, time and money. Imagine, a loft conversion will not cost you any estate agency fee, not even a solicitor fee and definitely no moving costs. In this kind of home conversion, all you need to do is to manage a well-built and converted loft.

Another good thing about this loft conversion is, it adds up value to your home which means, you increase your house value to an estimated 15-20%. Knowing this, do you know a service provider which can bring you the desired result of a loft conversion?

It's always reccomended to get a local professional to carry our the work. Prestige Loft Conversions in Worcester is one of the best service providers you will find . In fact, they aim to give you the highest standard of loft conversion. They already have the sufficient experience and expertise with regards to transforming your loft and their professional workers will help you entirely through every stage from planning to the final touching of the overall process.

Now, this article will bring to you insights about building regulations that you need to comply in the process to make the project hassle-free and anchored legally. To start, it is a good reminder that every loft conversion project needs consent as far as the building regulations is concerned. This consent will guarantee the overall safety matters in the loft conversion process that includes structural support, safe access, escape from fire and many others. This building consent also involves the electrical safety of the building as well as the glazing and the roof coverings. To mention, there are several kinds of consent which you have to comply and these are normally approved by the council, the builders and the installers.

What are the Features needed to pass the Building Regulation for Loft Conversion?

  • Fire Safety

It has been a rule that there should be a fire escape which I accessible during a fire emergency so that people in the house should not just rely solely on an escape window. It is also stipulated in the building regulation that the existing walls and ceilings should already provide a fire resistance for at least 30 minutes. Hence, you need sturdy materials and fire boards to ensure this.

  • Internal Support

Walls in the loft should give solid support to cope up with the overall weight of the ceiling and the extra loadings like steel beams and the like. Hence, to make sure if the strength of the walls and materials can carry out the weight, you need to appoint a structural engineer to be able to check the foundation of the building.

  • Water Tanks

This has become an additional feature when you want to convert your lofts.

  • Ventilation

It is definitely part of the Building Regulations to require a clear air space of at least 50mm to be left between the rafters under the tiles so that a good flow of air will be achieved. Once the loft has become well-ventilated, moisture will be dispersed safely. Also, take note that there are no special requirements for room ventilation, just conventional trickle vents on windows and extractor fans in bathrooms.



Prepayment meters are normally something that most business advisers would recommend a business to avoid. All things considered, they are the absolute most costly approach to pay for power, and the distinction in costs between standard contract power which is charged to a client frequently and a key based prepayment framework can be entirely vast much bigger than numerous individuals anticipate. That is the fundamental reason you don it see prepayment power publicised as the sensible options for a great many people, and why it appears in numerous correlation destinations or aides close by different types of energy installment.
Of the most businesses that use a prepayment meter, mainly have had them introduced without a decision for not having the capacity to stay aware of their standard energy bills, or for owing the power organization a lot of cash. These meters, which just kill your power when they come up short on layaway, make it simpler for energy organizations to ensure that shoppers who battle to subsidize their energy are using more than what they can pay for. As this is typically an alternative saved for people who can spend a great deal of cash, it is exceptionally abnormal that it is likewise the more costly choice by a huge edge, and buyer activity bunches like philanthropy National Energy Action are approaching energy suppliers to carry installment meters into line with contract costs. Regardless of included weight from the UK government, be that as it may, this could, in any case, be far off.
In spite of this, however, there are a few advantages to a business using a prepayment meter, and it is even conceivable, with legitimate utilisation, to save cash on your energy costs depending on your circumstance. The major benefit of prepayment is that they make energy costs straightforward, and accordingly it makes it much less demanding to the spending plan. Prepayment energy is awesome for individuals who independent or is independently employed and do it dependably know clearly the amount they are going to gain in the month, or for huge business units that deal with a huge measure of bills each month. Not facing one substantial whole like clockwork makes it much less demanding to monitor what you are spending, and alter your general spending plan as needs are.
Another benefit of prepayment meter is that you are far more aware of the amount of energy you are using, which in turn makes it easier for you to conserve energy. Placing cash in a meter each week in view of the amount of energy you utilise can be a major reminder for some individuals that a month to month or quarterly bill is most certainly not. Notwithstanding something as basic as getting genuine money out to pay for your meter as opposed to managing bank proclamations and direct charges can make you more mindful of the amount you spend and ponder your general energy utilization. A great deal of this will happen without you notwithstanding acknowledging, as well. You will begin seeing machines and lights as approaches to save cash, and you will turn into a more energy pro.

These days the “standard” shower head just doesn’t exist. There are so many options out there it can be hard to choose just one.

Types and Benefits

Standard Wall Mount

Your standard wall-mounted shower head comes in plenty of different designs including high tech models with different spray modes. These high-tech options also prevent corrosion and tarnishing. These days you can buy a normal shower head or a shower head that can massage you while showering. Prices depend on the features but generally these are the cheapest option.

Top Mount

A top mount showerhead is perfect for those who like being showered from above. They can be attached to your ceiling or an extension arm.

Sliding Bar

A sliding bar shower head can be adjusted to the height you prefer by moving along a wall-mounted base. This is a great idea for a bathroom shared by a whole family as adults, kids, and teens can adjust it to just the right height.


A handheld shower can be removed from its mounting and is great for washing kids and pets. If you can’t choose between a handheld showerhead or a traditional one you can find a two-in-one variation. If you go handheld then don’t forget you need one that can be gripped easy, even with wet hands.

Shower Panels

Shower panels are basically like Jacuzzis that you stand in. They give you the most customised shower experience possible; allowing you to adjust pressure when and where you want to. They are available in pre-configured units or separate units you can arrange yourself to create the ultimate shower pane system. The only thing to keep in mind is that they tend to use more water, so they can knock up your water bill.

Also ensure that your plumbing has room for the shower system you’re interested in. The standard size of water pipes is half an inch but some custom showers will need wider piping. Your water heater may also not be powerful enough to meet the demand of the new shower. It’s always best to talk to the professionals and get their advice.


Aerating shower heads work by mixing air and water to create higher levels of water pressure while using less water. They tend to have a higher initial cost but pay for themselves over time as they reduce your utilities bill.


Lighted showerheads use LED lights to create a shower that really matches your mood and looks and feels better.

Environmental Factor

The EPA introduced regulations in the early 90s that US showerheads had to have a flow rate no higher than 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), in order to preserve water and the fuel that keeps water heaters running. You should consider finding a showerhead that uses even less water than this given how much water the average family goes through. If you see a model with the EPA WaterSense label this means it uses less than 2GPM and is a solid choice.

If you’re going entirely green then think about the water pressure. The flow rate the EPA specified is for a standard water pressure of 80 pounds per square inch (PSI). If your water pressure isn’t that high then you might not get what you need with a low-flow shower head. If you know water pressure is an issue in your home then go for a showerhead that’s been designed to combat low water pressure.

Price Range

Upgrading your shower can cost you between $5 and $1,000, or even more. Decide which features you need and the price you’re willing to pay. Also remember that if you find two models that fit your specifications the more expensive one isn’t necessarily the highest quality one.

You should also think about how long it will take to install the new shower head. If you’re doing a bathroom renovation or building a new home then the time factor may not be an issue. If you’re looking to wrap everything up over the weekend then a basic wall-mounted feature is for you.

Household clutter can become so uncomfortable especially when they consume too much space inside your home or unwanted items are just lying around or stored in the corner of your house. These tips will be especially important for people living in shared housing or guardian housing by global guardians. As standards have to be kept much higher. This article would bring to you the benefits you can get from a free-rubbish home.

Here are the basic benefits that you can get when you get rid of all the clutter around:

  1. A clutter-free home can make you feel comfortable and safe. Risks from falling and tripping can be reduced largely if the rubbish have been disposed properly and not just lying around inside the house.
  2. A clean home can make more space for you and your family when you are working, playing or just casually moving inside your house. Moreover, a spacious home can be attractive and can optimize functionality as you do your daily, living routine. Take for example a big, old furniture which you do not need any more is just sitting around your living room consuming too much space can be a hassle. Getting rid of it is a good solution and is part of the cleaning process and disposing them successfully can give you more space inside the house.
  3. Taking time to clean your house can make you emotionally vibrant; remember that in a messy environment, there are full of distraction and you might not be able to think well if you are concentrating that means to say that a clutter-free environment can give you more balance, peace and energy. In addition to this, a well-organized place is a suitable place to feel happy, live healthy and live a stress-free life.
  4. You can save time when your home is clean. Imagine yourself looking for a certain item inside the house and you cannot find it because too many other clutters are laying around. This scenario can be annoying. Hence, cleaning and making every part of the house become organized can be helpful in hunting down items easily.
  5. It may not be felt but a clean environment can save money. Think about buying another hammer or screw driver just because you cannot find it in the garage or basement. Organizing items can be a big plus most especially when you try to see this benefit.

These benefits are achievable if you know the most important things in the cleaning process. One of the initial things you need to remember is to throw the things you do not need anymore and the things which are of little benefit to you. Do not hold on those things that does not matter anymore because they just consume space inside your house, storing them can be an option but then again, if it is of little use, then dispose them. If these items are still usable, give them away so that other people can still use it or else, you can sell them so you can have a little more money out from the rubbish.

Knowing these tips, the next question should be, how can you clean and keep your house organised if you lack manpower and time to do it? Well, the easiest way to get rid of your clutter whether bulky or not is hiring a house clearance provider. There are so many companies who offer top-quality services to help you out and one of them is CJL Services, a popular House Clearances in Essex and is a professional home organizer that will attend to your needs on decluttering.

A pool can offer your house more than simply fun. Of course, one of the major advantaged offered by a swimming pool is the amount of fun it will bring you and your family, but it can do more than that. On this article we will revise the most important benefits you can get out of this awesome and exciting home improvement project.

It Means More Ca$h:

One of the reasons on why you should decide to build a pool is because it means more money. If you ever decide to sell your house in order to buy something better, maybe with an even bigger pool, then if you have a pool in your house it will be worth a lot more money.

If you want to substantially increase the value of your house for the real estate market, then a pool will do wonders for it. It will add a LOT of value to your house, so form this perspective it’s a good idea to build a swimming pool, especially if you live in a city where it’s warm most of the time.

You Don’t Need To Travel:

With a swimming pool in your own house, you won’t even need to leave your house in holidays. Thanks to this awesome swimming pool you won’t have to leave your house to have lots of fun in your holidays with your children.

A pool can be a great source of entertainment, especially in holidays when it’s hot. You can organize a nice barbecue at home and invite your family. As you can see, a pool can also be used as a way to strengthen your familiar bonds with the people you love.

So from this perspective it also looks like a good investment. If you want to make your house more interesting, then this is a nice way to make it happen.

It’s Awesome:

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like a house with a nice swimming pool? Everyone likes it, let’s accept it. Your house will look awesome with it, so much that it will leave a lot of your guests speechless.

It’s a nice addition to any house out there, because it will bring your house a very nice atmosphere. A house with a pool looks more interesting, beautiful and elegant. So if we were on your shoes, we would give it a go.


Having a pool at home is simply amazing. It’s a very good investment because it pays off in many senses which go beyond the monetary spectrum. Won’t you like to spend nice holiday days with your family? This will make your children very happy, especially if you leave in a city with warm summers.

Don’t be a fool, invest in a swimming pool. You will see that it will make a great difference in your life, you just need to try it. It may be expensive but it’s totally worth it, just believe us.